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Pampered Paws Forms and Fees

Owner Agreement

Dog Vaccination form

Cat Vaccination Form

Pet Biography Form

Rainbow Protocol

Non- Altered Pet Form

Boarding Fee's

We do offer a day rate if not spending the Night

We Charge Per Night

1 Dog - $30 / Night           1 Cat - $20 / Night

2 Dogs- $50 / Night           2 Cats - $30 / Night

3 Dogs- $70 / Night

4 Dogs- $90 / Night

*Please bring in vaccination records.

-Dogs we require Distemper and Rabies. We recommend Bordetella (aka Kennel Cough). We also recommend a Flea and tick medication (Nexgard, Frontline are our favorites you can purchase from your Veterinarian).

-Cats we require Distemper and Rabies. We also recommend Feline leukemia vaccination, but this needs a negative FELV test prior to receiving a vaccine.

Please fill out a Owner Agreement, and Vaccination Form (or a record of vaccinations from your Vet will work, some will email them to me). You can get them to me Via Email, Text, or a Paper copy. 

If your dog is over 10 please fill out a rainbow protocol. 

If your Pet is INTACT (not Spayed or Neutered) PLEASE fill out a Non Altered Form.

All I need you to bring is your pets Food. If you want to bring a Blanket or something they love or can't sleep without, feel free to bring it.